Appreciating the small things we used to take for granted (Phase 2 reopening!)

19 June 2020 is no special day, but it's no ordinary one either! 

Why? Just ask all the Singaporeans! (: 

It marked one of the most euphoric weekends of the year. Phase 2 of Singapore's re-opening! We can now head out with family in tow and dine-in at hawkers, restaurants, cafes (no more than 5 people at a table!). We can head to our friends, families, relatives' place. 

And perhaps the best news of all is that bubble tea shops can reopen! Liho! Gongcha! The Alley! Xin Fu Tang! Oh, how we have missed you! 

These may seem like the smallest things to celebrate about, but we have missed them dearly. Personally I missed being able to sit down at a coffeeshop and sip my kopi without a care for the world.

To commemorate this memorable weekend, here's a list of 'small' things I'm 'celebrating' and thankful for: 

  - Having my toastbox breakfast at Toastbox

  - Savouring my Kopi and Hae Mee (prawn mee, no chili, dry) at the hawker centre in Hougang 

  - Going to friend's place to catch-up and drink bbt!


Hopefully these good times will continue! (: